Kinesiology Sessions
Feel your best by moving at your best

Kinesiologists specialize in human movement and biomechanics. They can provide a wide variety of therapies including exercise coaching and performance training designed to get your body moving at its optimum efficiency. Our expert kinesiologist is able to help you achieve your physical wellness goals whether it is rehabing an injury, getting back into shape, or training for your next competition.

Additional Kinesiology Therapies

The tools and techniques designed to get your body moving and performing its very best
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Functional Movement Screens (FMS)
Personal trainer working with client on deadlifting in west kelowna
Movement Based Rehabilitation
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Peloton Exercise
Skier performing a jump over british columbia mountain backdrop
Sport Performance Training
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Kinesiology Taping
Fitness programming chart with weights
Exercise Programming
Woman holding neck after car accident in west kelowna
Car Accident & Injury Rehab
Pregnancy and postpartum exercise programming
Pregnancy & Postpartum Exercise
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