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There is no doubt that West Kelowna and the Okanagan are a beautiful place to live, but once the clocks roll back in November, the days can feel long and dark. Whether you feel like you’re constantly getting sick, or you just feel like your mood darkens and your motivation wanes, here are some general naturopathic tips to help you stay on top of your health this season.

  1. Nutrition: Food truly is medicine. What you put in your body ultimately becomes the building blocks for every cell in your body. Better nutrition equals stronger and more robust building blocks. Focus on whole foods, less sugar, less processed foods, more protein, more healthy fats, and more fruits and veggies. An extra bonus for eating local, which is accessible in the Okanagan!
  2. Sleep: There is no substitution for proper sleep. Period. Inadequate sleep not only wreaks havoc on your immune system but is also disruptive to your bodies’ ability to regulate blood sugar, mood, and more. While everyone is different, most people require 7-9 hours of sleep per night.
  3. Exercise: Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need exercise. Exercise floods our body with feel-good endorphins and bolsters our immune system. Try scheduling your workouts in your calendar or find a workout buddy to keep you accountable. Even better, get outside!
  4. Vitamin D: Even with the beautiful sunshine here in the summers, you’re likely still deficient. Vitamin D is crucial for the immune system, energy levels, and so much more. The most personalized dosing strategy for you will depend on your blood levels. Get them checked and optimize your levels with either oral or IM injection supplementation. Your body will thank you.
  5. Selfcare: This will look very different for everyone, but is often forgotten, especially for anyone who is busy (ok, everyone). Selfcare may look like a bubble bath, reading, meditation, cold swims, a latte on the weekends, journaling, a massage etc etc. A little bit of self love goes a long way.

Want to end the year off on a healthy note? Book in for your Initial Naturopathic Consultation and Dr. Rachelle will customize a plan for you.

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