Model for chiropractic treatment of the TMJ
Ever wake up with with nagging jaw pain or deal with headaches due to clenching your jaw? You're not alone. While seeing your dentist is the best first step in reducing your jaw pain, there are other options if you continue to suffer pain or headaches. In fact many American's actively seek out Chiropractors and manual therapists to help reduce TMJ pain. Manual therapy and rehab is proven to be effective for reduction in TMD pain while it can also restore range of motion.
Manual therapy is typically directed towards the muscles involved with controlling the jaw. While it may be a small joint, it is very complex. The TMJ has joint kinematics unlike any other joint in the body. Meaning, the joint has a complicated hinging pattern with many structures that can potentially become pain generators. A thorough physical exam can help determine what structures may be at fault and better direct how they should be treated.
Whether its exercises directed at reducing assymetry of the jaw's movement patterns or manual therapy to reduce myofascial pain, Chiropractors are an excellent option for noninvasive techniques designed to reduce TMJ pain or TMD (temporomandibular disorders).
Dr. Courtney Means

Dr. Courtney Means


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